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05 - 08 November · Valdivia, Chile II Congreso Latinoamericano Bosques y Agua V IUFRO Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment

November 05 - 09 · Valdivia, Chile

Promoting the integration between forest ecosystems, water and society

This joint meeting will help link dynamic developments in Latin American forests to a global community studying environmental change, forests, and water. It will provide a forum for experts on forest hydrology, watershed ecosystem management, ecohydrology, climate, and environmental change. Please join us!

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"The conference will explore opportunities and challenges for using the United Nations Agenda 2030 to guide this co-development in different parts of the world.”
Kevin Bishop, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
"Our Conference will link science with society and decision making on forests and water in a Latin American context by promoting dialogue and collaborative networks involving academics, forest industry, government and local people.”
Julia Jones, Oregon State University
"A key objective of our conference is to advance the science of sustainable co-development of forest ecosystems (including native forests and plantations), water resources and aquatic ecosystems in a changing climate.”
Christian Little, Instituto Forestal de Chile

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