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Sesión Especial The Forest-Water Nexus in Action

Tuesday, 6 November 9:45-13:00




Urbanization, climate change, water scarcity, restoration commitments, international frameworks (e.g. SDGs, Bonn Challenge, UNFCCC) all have impacts to forests, water and their relationships that provide water-related ecosystem services. Forests can provide nature-based solutions to water management and issues related to water and food security, if properly managed; the converse can also be true. It is well-known that forest-water relationships are context specific. How do we guide people to understand these relationships and to take these into consideration in forest and landscape management? Are we ready to provide guidance on managing forests for water? If so, what does this look like and what information is needed to provide scientifically based guidance that can be applied by a broader audience? What are the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed? This session will highlight how collaborative efforts have started to answer these questions, present some solutions and engage participants in joining an international movement that raising the awareness of forest-water issues.




During the last couple of years, FAO, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and the Swedish Forest Agency have been collaborating on a number of forest-water issues, in particular on raising awareness on forest/water interactions, advocacy and the development of practical tools that bridge science, practice and policy.

The aim of the session is to share progress made and to interact with participants on how to improve on actions that integrate science, practice and policy related to forests and water at multiple scales, in particular, at the landscape level. FAO and SIWI, together with numerous international experts from the forest and water sectors, have successfully engaged in dialogue on forest-water issues and are interested in addressing the next steps with participant input.




FAO, SIWI and the Swedish Forest Agency

Co-organizers: IUCN, WeForest, CIFOR, ICRAF, SLU and the IUFRO Task Force

More details in the program of the Conference:


Field Trip on Wednesday 7 November (optional) – The Blue Targeting Tool


This Field Trip is focused on demonstration of the Blue Targeting Tool in a forested area near Futa River, circa 30 min from Valdivia. The landscape is dominated by forest plantations of exotic Eucalypt and Pine plantations for the production of pulp and sawn timber. Streamside vegetation buffers have a variable width and condition, with an effect on water quality and stream banks.

The visit will consist of a) an introduction to the tool, as well as practically testing it in small groups walking alongside a stream; b) discussing how the tool can be adapted to other naturally given conditions, other biomes; c) discussing differences between a “disturbed” riparian zone with a challenge/problem, and a more natural and wider riparian zone along a selected stream, and how the tool works in these different cases; d) coffee-break and a snack, e) visit to a streamflow gauge.

The Blue Targeting Tool (a checklist) was developed in Sweden by forest companies in collaboration with the WWF. The purpose of the tool is to give support in designing the optimal riparian buffer zone alongside small and medium water courses in a forest landscape. It consists of a field paper sheet with binary yes and no questions. The questions are answered based on visual observation of the water course and its surroundings. This will lead to a point system and the points given will provide a suggestion for the width and design of the riparian buffer zone while performing forestry operations. During the last years, the tool has been adapted to fit other conditions than those in Sweden. Recently, the tool was scientifically validated with good results. More information will be given during the field trip. There will also be a possibility to test the Brazilian version of the tool.

The field excursion is led by Mrs Linnéa Jägrud from the Swedish Forest Agency, and Dr Lennart Henrikson from Man & Nature. You are warmly welcome to join us for an interesting half a day in the field!

Opción 6: Río Futa – BLUE TARGET TOOL