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Arrival to Valdivia

Valdivia’s local airport is closed for repairs.
Please fly to nearby Temuco (ZCO) instead


The Chilean Ministry of Public Work has decided to close Valdivia’s airport (Pichoy, ZAL) for repairs from October 15th until November 30th. This was not anticipated when we chose the conference dates two years ago. Fortunately, there is a nearby airport, Temuco (ZCO) with several fights a day to Santiago. It is 2 hour drive by car/bus to Valdivia from Temuco. Please buy your tickets to the conference with Temuco as your destination city. We apologize for this inconvenience which we did not foresee when we chose the conference dates two years ago.

The Conference organization has arranged a private shuttle service from Temuco airport (ZCO) to the city of Valdivia and back from the city of Valdivia to Temuco airport (ZCO). Each service will have an estimated cost of 20USD. Payment options: Cash only directly to the bus drivers, in Chilean pesos or USD.

Please reserve your space according to your traveling schedule using the following link:

Contact: José Ignacio +56982227064 or +56632218133

Important note: The execution and quality of the service is the exclusive responsibility of the transport company. The organization of the Joint Conference of Forests and Waters 2018 only makes this transportation suggestion available to facilitate the transfer to and from the Temuco airport.

Other alternatives:


  • If you prefer to take another service, there will be regular shuttel services available at Temuco airport (ZCO).
  • Taxi services are also available at the airport, but the prices are quite expensive.
  • Another option will be to take a bus or taxi to Temuco`s bus station (Rodoviario; The trip takes between 45 minutes to 1.30 hrs.) and take a regional bus to Valdivia. From the bus station there are several bus services