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Author’s Guidelines

If your paper has been accepted for presentation at the Joint Conference on Forests and Water 2018, here are the guidelines for oral and poster presentations.

See the Guidelines

Oral Presenter Guidelines

When will I present?

You can find your presentation/session date and time in the conference’s web-program

In which language should I present?

You can present either in Spanish or English. Simultaneous translation will be available in all parallel halls.

How will I present?

Each author has a total time of 15 minutes for his/her presentation and questions. The talk should be limited to 12 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions and answers. Time limits will be strictly enforced.

You must use the Joint Conference on Forests and Water 2018 (F&W2018) supplied computer; we will not accept personal computers to avoid software/hardware incompatibilities or malfunctions. The F&W2018 PC will have the following software installed: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft PowerPoint (2013), Adobe Reader 10, QuickTime 7 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, and Mozilla Firefox 13 or higher.

What format will I use?

Your presentation file must be in PDF or PPT format. Other formats are not acceptable. You must deliver your talk, loaded on a flash drive or similar storage device, to the Speakers’ Preview Zone, located on the first floor of the Conference center. You must deliver your presentation at least 6 hours before it is scheduled, so it can be checked. You must inform the technicians if your presentation has multimedia content (videos, links, audio, etc.).

Bring your presentation to the conference in a USB flash/pocket drive.

IGNITE Presenter Guidelines

How will I present?

Each presenter should consider a maximum of 7 slides and 5 minutes presentation. Time limits will be strictly enforced.

Please consider the same instructions given for oral presentations.

Additional tips for your Oral Presentation

  • If your graphics or video clips are not imbedded in your presentation, be sure to upload them in Speakers’ Preview Room.
  • Animated .gif files can occasionally be problematic. A free demo version of Easy Gif Animator can easily convert these animated .gif files to .avi files, which can then be added into your presentation. You can download the demo here.
  • Make sure that codecs used for compressed animation and video files are generic codecs, not video hardware–specific codecs.
  • Insert images from within Power Point using the “Insert Image” command. Do not drag and drop images from other applications.
  • With the exception of some sessions intended for vendors, technical sessions at the F&W2018 are intended to be non-commercial. Speakers should not promote the services or products of their companies as part of their presentation.

Poster Presenter Guidelines

When will I present?

Your presentation/session date and time will be stated in your notification email or the conference’s web-program, after September 6th, 2018).

The conference’s web-program will also show the presentation times for your poster.

What will I present?

The Standard Poster Display is a 90 cm x 120 cm panel. These panels have a vertical orientation.

You can mount your poster with double sided tape provided by F&W2018 staff.

How will I present?

Present your poster during the scheduled time. This will be posted on the conference webpage.

Your poster can be displayed starting as early as 9:00 AM on the day of your poster session. It must be removed by 18:30 of that day. Posters not removed by 18:30 will be disposed of by our staff.

All the printed material disposed will be donated to the San José Foundation for abandoned children.

F&W2018 is not responsible for any posters left up after the deadline.

Additional tips for poster presentation

We recommend local printing company: Dimacofi ( and Max Huber Chile (

Feel free to bring handouts or upload your poster image into ePoster presentation software with the F&W2018 staff near the smart TVs that will be available at the poster area.

Want to point people to supplemental information about your poster? Include a QR Code in your printed poster. Information on QR codes, including QR reader software and QR code generators, is available online (


  • You must deliver your presentation to the SPEAKERS´ PREVIEW ROOM as early as possible, but no later than SIX hours BEFORE the beginning of the session in which your paper will be presented. Your presentation will be sent directly to the presentation room through the local network. Once the presentation is launched on the computer in the presentation room, you will advance your own slideshow using a remote control.
  • The Speakers’ Preview Room will be open from 07:30 to 18:30, from Monday to Friday. It is located in the Sur Hall, 1st floor of the Main Building at UACh Convention Center.
  • All speakers are requested to be present in the lecture room 10 minutes before the session starts to meet with the session chair. Personal computers may not be used for presentations.
  • • The time reserved for oral presentations is 15 minutes, including questions and discussion. We run on a very tight schedule, so we strongly recommend you to prepare a 12 minute presentation and allow 3 minute for discussion. The session chair will inform you when you cover the first 10 minutes.
  • IGNITE presentations are limited to 5 minutes, with no questions.
  • If any problems occur, assistance staff will be available in each presentation room.