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Carbon and Water Fluxes in Fitzroya forests


Wednesday 07 November · 1 day

Includes: transportation, snack and lunch

Fitzroya cupressoides (alerce) is a large long-lived conifer that years, reaches 5 m in diameter, 45 m in height and lives up to 3,600. Fitzroya has been extensively logged and destroyed by human set fires, and it is classified as an endangered species. Since 2012 we have been monitoring carbon budgets and forest productivity of these forests and since 2018 water balances in Alerce Costero National Park that is located 130 km South of Valdivia. The field trip will be guided by two young researchers who have been leading part of the research in this site. The field trip include a) visiting the Fitzroya stands and their instrumentation (Eddy Flux Tower, meteorological stations located under the canopy and in an open area, dendrometers, sapflow measurements), presentation and discussion of research in progress; b) hike to Millennial alerce tree (>3.4 m dbh), c. 1.5 – 2 hours, rough surface at times but gently slope (there is the option to stay in the surrounding Fitzroya forests and skip the hike) c) lunch prepared and served by a local organization at the Park´s administration headquarters (meat, vegetables, salad, fruit, drinks). A vegetarian option will be available upon previous request.


7:30 am. Departure from Valdivia in front of former Hotel Isla Teja, next to U. Austral main entrance.

7:30-8:30 pm. return to Valdivia.


Field Trip at no extra cost


Related Papers

Urrutia-Jalabert, R., Malhi, Y., Lara, A. 2015. The oldest, slowest rainforest in the world? Massive biomass and slow carbon dynamics of Fitzroya cupressoides temperate forests in southern Chile. PloS one, 10(9):e0137569.

Urrutia-Jalabert, R., Malhi, Y., Barichivich, J., Lara, A., et al. (2015b). Increased water use efficiency but contrasting tree growth patterns in Fitzroya cupressoides forests of southern Chile during recent decades. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 120(12):2505–2524.

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