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Native forests restoration for the increase of water supply: research experiences and forest management


Wednesday 07 November · 1 day


Includes: transportation, snack and lunch

The coast of the Valdivia province hosts forest ecosystems of global importance for conservation. Ongoing research has begun to demonstrate the importance of the ecological restoration of native forests for the recovery of ecosystem services. This through the establishment of forests in areas previously covered by plantations of fast-growing exotic species. During this trip we will visit: a) an experience of restoration of native forests carried out by a sanitary company (ESSAL S.A.) in a forest basin that provides drinking water to the inhabitants of the city of Corral ( At this stop, the company in charge of water management will show several sites where restoration work is carried out on native forests in the area called El Boldo estate; b) a private protected wild area ( a protected area of ​​50,000 hectares, property of The Nature Conservancy, located 55 km from Valdivia, where  researchers from the Universidad Austral of Chile since 2006 monitor a series of small experimental basins whose objective is evaluate the changes in the water supply associated with processes of conversion of fast growing plantations (Eucalyptus globulus) to evergreen forests and c) a meeting of camaraderie in which the participants will taste sea products ​​that are prepared by local gastronomic services (typical assortment of seafood, salads, fish, potatoes, drinks). A vegetarian option will be available upon request.

Field Trip at no extra cost


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